parleremo_rebuildingParleremo is being overhauled.

Over the course of the past few years, we have built Parleremo up quickly, always adding new systems, resources and content. We also tried to adapt the design a few times, according to user feedback. As a result, the website has become very disjointed, with varying colour schemes and navigation methods.

That is all changing now.

We have already begun the process of rebuilding the site, page by page, to make it cleaner, more uniform, and (hopefully) easier to use. This will take several months, as what we have created over these years is rather extensive.

Not all parts of the site will remain. We plan to remove the File Sharing system, as storing huge PDF documents is rather messy. We might convert it to a system in which the documents are only linked to, rather than stored on the site.

Other systems which are likely to be removed are the Media Centre (where members can upload images and videos which can then be posted easily to the forum) and the Social Network (essentially, a Facebook-type wall). Both of these are little used and don’t currently enhance the site in a major way towards learning.

But do not think this is all about cleaning! We also have some plans for expansion, including a member based system for creating short language lessons, an expanded language exchange area, and possibly even a Premium Members section, available to members who are willing to pay for extra resources. This last idea is still very much in the planning stages, however.

All of this cleaning, building and rebuilding will take time as well as money. While time is something we can’t do much about, we are wondering if running a Kickstarter / Indiegogo campaign, in which people donate money towards the project, should be established. Another possibility is a Patreon campaign, in which people can donate a certain amount each month to help with the website, not only for now but in the future. These are both alternatives to having people pay to use the site.

This post is not only to make you aware of the changes that are occurring, but also to get your response to what is being proposed and to hear what you would like to see done in Parleremo. We try to listen to our members and incorporate what they would like.

So please, give us your feedback, either in the comments below or on the forum.

We look forward to seeing you in the new Parleremo!