Scriveremo Publishing presents
Word Scramble Puzzle Books

Have fun while learning vocabulary for a new language!

Mix up your studying with these word scrambles. Rearrange the letters to find the hidden word. Spend several enjoyable hours solving the puzzles and filling your brain with new words.

Each book contains 144 puzzles in several categories, with 10 word scrambles in each puzzle. Every puzzle is unique and sure to make learning vocabulary educational and enjoyable! There are word lists along with sections for hints and solutions.

The categories for this book include: Airport, Animals, Around the House, Birds, Clothing, Family, Food, Fruit, Hotel, Parts of the Body, Restaurant, Vegetables.

We currently offer these books in nine different languages: Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Hungarian, Norwegian, and Polish.

Each book is text book sized, at 22 X 28 cms (8.5 X 11 inches) with 180 pages.

They are available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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