scr_square_250A few years ago, I created “Scriveremo Publishing” essentially as a name to cover anything I might publish. It made it sound more professional – Parleremo had its own publishing company!

So I put the name on a bunch of free PDFs I created and distributed. When I started Parrot Time in 2013, that was something else that could go under the Scriveremo banner. The same thing when the next year, I published “Finding Your Way to Languages”.

Then last year, when I got really serious about publishing and produced a line of puzzle and activity books for learning vocabulary, all of that went under the Scriveremo name.

Last month, I suddenly came to the realization that my little company in name only really was now something I had to deal with more formally. Between the written book (with two more on the way), over 200 puzzle books, and 3 years worth of magazine issues, Scriveremo needed a home.

And so, I welcome you now to the new Scriveremo Publishing website. It brings all the publications under one site, with detailed descriptions and links to where they can be gotten, free or bought, online.

There is also an attached PDF shop, giving people an opportuniy to download most of the works as PDFs, again, free or charged. I’ve only added a few so far, but will continue to add more over the next few months.

Please check out our publishing house and see all we have to offer!