About This Blog
Parleremo is a language community created by me in 2008 to help people learn languages. They can use the resources on the site individually as well as working with others. The community is built on the concept of a town, where people can visit different places to do different activities as well as learn vocabulary and phrases for that place.

Out of that comes this blog. “View From the Town” is a place for me to discuss various topics, ranging from language learning to language news to things going on in Parleremo. A lot of things have been built up around the site, like a magazine called Parrot Time, a store for fun language topic merchandise, and a book. I intend this blog to help me bring all of these undertakings into a cohesive model, as well as introducing other projects.

I also believe that the language community can best grow when we help promote and encourage each other, so I will also talk about other projects people are doing as well, to help raise awareness of their efforts.

About Me
I am an American programmer with a passion for languages. I created and sold a shareware program written in DOS [the ancient voodoo used before Windows] for teaching languages back in the 1990s, then co-founded the language community “UniLang” in 2000. I left that in 2008 and started Parleremo, going in a different direction of a community format and embarking on larger projects.

You can find me easily on Facebook, as Erik Zidowecki or through Parleremo, either as Abavagada or Parleremo.

I have been working on various projects for over fourteen years and have met and been influenced by so many people. I would like to thank some individuals who have been of particular importance to me in my work.

First, my friend Thomas, who been a great supporter in both social and technical aspects for many years. I met him in “real life” and his wonderful family when they visited the US a few years ago, and I thank them for their friendship and support.

I also wish to thank Marieke, Mariam and Meera for all their encouragement, promoting, and contributions to my life as well as my site, and for listening to my wild rants over the years. You wonderful ladies have always made me feel that what I was doing was worth doing!

I would like to give a very special thanks to Anthony, who has been perhaps my biggest champion as well as my right-hand man on Parleremo. He always listens to my ideas, helps maintain the site while promoting it, and is a fabulous person to work with. It helps that we are both crazy in the same ways!

Finally, I would like to thank a very special person in my life who has helped me for years as a personal close friend. She has listened to all my dreams and fears, endured my ranting and insanity, and has always backed me up with advice, kindness, and a good smack to the head when I needed it. I couldn’t have gotten this far without her, and what I have achieved is a testament to her strength and caring.