wordsearches_rThe most important factor when learning a new language is how quickly you can learn new vocabulary. Even without knowing a bit of grammar, you can communicate at a basic level when you can speak the words of a language.

Practising these new words is a lot of work, however, often including hours of repetition with drills, flashcards, or other memorization techniques. These can get quite boring very quickly.

To help make the acquisition of vocabulary more fun, we at Parleremo and Scriveremo Publishing have produced a series of word search puzzle books. Each book contains 360 puzzles, covering 12 categories and having 5 level of puzzle complexity. We have introduced this first set for the languages of Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Spanish, and Esperanto.

puzzle_cover_por_01_rYou can find these books at several online bookstores, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. They are targeted at the budget conscious learner, with each under 9 EUR.

We recognize that many people travel a lot, and would like to bring these books with them, but the regular size is that of a text book, making it rather awkward to carry.

For that reason, we have also released a series of similar books, but in a smaller, travel size. These books have the same categories, but only 120 puzzles. They are both smaller and cheaper as well.

You can find out more by visiting our information page, which includes links to several places that sell them.

Get your own today for yourself or your language loving friends!