itchyfeet_ad_300Most of the time, when you hear someone use the word “patronizing” in English, it is said in the context of something like “don’t be patronizing”, which means “don’t talk to me like I’m a child”.

For this reason, most people probably think that “patronizing” is something bad. Actually, the verb “to patronize”, as it relates to a service or a business is “assume sponsorship of”, that is, give them money to support them or do business with them.

So now, you must drop whatever you are doing (unless you are nursing a baby or defusing a bomb) and do some patronizing!

Malachi Ray Rempen, the creative genius behind the travel and language comic “Itchy Feet” (which I have written about here before) has set up a new campaign on “Patreon”, through which you can help support his work regularly!

It is super easy to do. Just click the big “Become a Patron” button on the left side of the page (not the “Sign Up” button at the top, like I did at first. I do stupid things so you don’t have to!).

There are different levels you can pay at which Malachi has set that include various “goodies” (I love goodies! How did he know? Genius!), or you can pay whatever amount you want.

Basic levels are $2, $5, $10, and $15, and each of those include specific benefits.

You will be billed automatically each month by whichever method you choose to pay (credit card or PayPal), and you can also cancel it at any time, so you aren’t locked into some contract written in blood.

What will Malachi do with the money? Remove ads, improve the website, create podcasts, and so much more!

And if you don’t patronize him? What happens to Itchy Feet? Nothing. He will continue producing them, like he always has.

But if you have a chance to help something that is already great become even more fantastic, how could you not?

Look at the page, watch the video of Malachi himself making his case, and you decide.

I’ve already begun patronizing Malachi (and how often are you encouraged to patronize someone?)

Will you join me?

  • Great recommendation and I will definitely take a look. I am very happy to see that more people are coming onto Patreon, where Fluent also has a supporter page (it is in need of some love, so allow me to post here

    • Erik Zidowecki

      Great Kerstin! I didn’t know you also had a Patreon campaign. I will definitely help promote this as well!
      The link you gave got broken, however, when you added the extra dots, so here is the proper link:

      • Thanks Erik! I know I’ve not been promoting this all that much yet – still have to get over some confidence hiccups. But now that I’m working on a fortnightly podcast the support is more critical than ever if it’s to continue.