ptcover_017_oriThe seventeenth issue of Parrot Time is now available online for your reading pleasure.

This magazine is published every two months and covers languages, linguistics, and culture. Both web and PDF versions are available absolutely free!

The cover story this issue is “The Cost of Free Language Resources”, and focuses on how even free materials come at a cost to someone, and how we, by expecting things to be free, can end up destroying those same materials.

Three guest writers contribute other feature articles. Patrick Lencastre gives us his review of the Polyglot Workshop held recently in Brazil. Teddy Nee tells us how we make learning a new language easier when we look at the family it belongs to. Ekaterina Matveeva shares her list of tips to do and dream.

The Iranian language of Talysh is featured in “Languages in Peril”, and we have three reviews: the film “Cambio de Ruta”, the phone app “Tandem” (reviewed by Brian Powers), and Ron Gullekson’s book “Language Master Key”.

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