Parleremo is a language community created by me in 2008 to help people learn languages. They can use the resources on the site individually as well as working with others. The community is built on the concept of a town, where people can visit different places to do different activities as well as learn vocabulary and phrases for that place.

The best way for Parleremo to work is for people to register for it, completely free, and start using it. There are many systems and resources in place, with materials for many languages. Members can help build the site by translating vocabulary, phrases and readings as well as adding links and videos for others to use. They can help each others and themselves by using the Journal and Recording systems to practise writing and speaking and then help others by giving feedback.

It is meant to be a community, so people get the most out of it by communicating with each other. There is a large forum with many boards for use, as well as multiple chat areas, some being text and some being voice based. Links to external resources and media as well as a language exchange program are also available, along with much, much more!

We are always adding new resources, systems and materials as well as languages, and are eager to hear from you on what we have done and on what you would like to see!

So please, use the site, help others, and tell your language learning friends about it. The more you are involved, the more we can improve!

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