nomdeplume_rPublishing a magazine which comes out at regular intervals is hard. You are always working to beat the next deadline with all new materials. Whether it’s a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, the need is always there to produce more.

In 2016, I lost the struggle with Parrot Time as my own life got more difficult, and a deadline slipped by without an issue being completed. Then another. Going into the New Year, I was facing a backlog of incomplete and unpublished issues.

I could have just skipped those and started again with the current date, but I didn’t want there to be a gap. I figured once I start allowing myself to skip an issue, that temptation will always be there. I also knew that if I continued with the current date and promised myself that I would go back to fill in the previous ones, that would also never happen.

So, despite everything else I was doing, I worked on three issues simultaneously and finally managed to get all of them published. However, that effort had taken a toll on me. If you can get tired from producing one issue, you will be positively burnt out after doing three at once, and I questioned my ability, indeed my sanity, in continuing on. Was it worth it?

Even though this was my decision alone to make, I chose to ask the community instead. As it turns out, many people didn’t even know the magazine existed. How is THAT for a major downer?

A few others, however, were excited by it and wanted me to keep it going and offered to write for it. I have to say that those individuals, and their words, saved not only Parrot Time, but part of me that day.

Suddenly, Parrot Time had the closest thing to a staff it has ever had, and we needed a place to have them all talk together. My associate editor and I talked for a bit and he came up with the name “Nom de Plume” for a Facebook group where anyone who wished to work on or with the magazine could meet.

Since then, we have had two of the best issues of Parrot Time come out, and we are looking forward to many more. I wanted to thank all the people that have joined the group and helped keep the magazine, as well as all those who have helped support the magazine through your readership and feedback. Thank you!

And if you would like to work more with Parrot Time, consider joining the Nom de Plume group. Hope to see you there!