languagefan_postSome of you may already know about Language Fan. If not, then you may have heard of its owner, Christopher “Chuff” Huff – polyglot, writer and world traveller.

Chris has been on the language scene for a number of years now. He and Christopher Broholm made some waves in 2014 when they produced the short-lived “Chris and Chris Language Show”, a live videocast of the two talking about languages and learning, between themselves and with guests. Chris was also producing videos on his own and writing his blog.

Then things changed dramatically. The show ended, Chris uprooted himself from his life in the southern United States, and moved to China. There, he spent several months soaking up the culture and language. Language Fan vanished, being replaced by the rather more introspective Self-Studying, which talked about his experiences learning languages on his own.

Chris was in attendance at the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin at the start of this month, and met many other polyglots, as can be seen in the many group photos. This four day event included language enthusiast from all around the globe, so Chris was definitely in his element.

Now, things are about to change again!

First, upon his return to China, Chris announced that he has a plan – a huge plan. He says it won’t be easy, but will be a big improvement. He has left us with the hint: he will be leaving China this summer.

Now, those who have been following him might be confused by this, since only a few weeks ago, he announced he would “officially” be living in Beijing for at least another year. So is this leaving a permanent or temporary deal? Only Chris knows, and he isn’t telling us yet.

Second, Language Fan is back online, in an expanded form, and the Chuff is making sure we know it.

“Last night I launched my new main focus for Language Fan: new video content with more challenges, A1-B2 speaking attempts, product reviews, methods, travel vlogs, progress updates, mini-lessons, and just tons and tons more to share with you.”

Obviously this leaving and the rebirth of Language Fan is part of his plan, but it sounds like he has a lot more coming up in the future. I am personally very excited to see what new adventure he is launching into and hope he takes us all along with him for the ride!

You can find the new Language Fan here:
And be sure to catch up with the Chuff on video:

  • Wow! Cool! Thanks so much for sharing this!~

    • Erik Zidowecki

      My pleasure! I am very glad to see Language Fan is back online, and that you have plans to expand. I look forward to seeing what you have coming next (no pressure)!