The new year is upon us, and I wanted to give everyone an update on how things are going in the store.

theshopThis was our first major shopping holiday in the store, and we spent a few months priot to it stocking the shelves with Christmas related goodies. We had originally started the store with plans to add products that would seem most likely for language enthusiast to buy, so the focus was on shirts, mugs, magnets, buttons, and key chains. We were selling a fair number of these products before the Christmas buying season, but when we ordered the Christmas items, we got a much larger variety of products. These included cards, pillows, scarves, gift boxes, ornaments, aprons, desk organizers, wallets, table card holders, stickers and even USB flash drives.

And for our first season, we did pretty well. We had almost 40 orders in December alone, and some of those were for multiple products. For example, one customer bought ten table card holders wishing “Merry Christmas” in Hungarian. Another person ordered four “Hyvää joulua!” (Merry Christmas in Finnish) ornaments.

Not all the orders were from the language shop. We also got a handful of items sold in the new Mondo Viste shop, which specializes in pictures from places all over the world. We hadn’t even started promoting that one yet, so those sales were a wonderful surprise.

Now that the Christmas season is over, you might imagine we would be resting. We aren’t. We are stocking the shelves with more products, these aimed toward the romantic season, because Valentine’s Day is coming next month. We have already added a variety of new cards and a supply of Valentine goodies, such as chocolates, candies, jewellery, gift boxes and more, are being put on the shelves as I write this.

Not only are there new products, but we are expanding the languages we will have on products. Previously, we had Dutch, English, Faroese, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Gothic, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Tagalog The newly added languages are Arabic, Catalan, Esperanto, Greek, Hindi, Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Mandarin, Swahili, Swedish, and Welsh. All we have so far for the new languages are the Valentine products, but we will be stocking more products and designs for them as soon as we can!

The money from the store goes towards paying for the other current projects we have going on, like the main website, the magazine, and this blog. If you have bought any items, we thank you for helping us out! We also greatly appreciate those who have helped promote the stores. If you haven’t yet seen what we are offering, please be sure to visit the stores:

Becoming an Affiliate / Associate

italiansuperpowermugFor those that are interested in making some money from us, you can get your own Zazzle account and advertise our products using your affiliate code. That means that you get %15 commission on every item sold from your links. So, say you promote the “I can speak Italian. What is your superpower” espresso mug on your blog. If someone uses that link to buy the product, and the mug costs $20, you get paid $3. It’s that easy!

You don’t even have to promote my store, or any single store. There are thousands of stores on Zazzle, and you can advertise as many as you want to get paid for.

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