spotlight_kerstinI want to spend a few minutes introducing you to someone I consider a true powerhouse in the language community, Kerstin Cable (formerly Kerstin Hammes).

When I say “powerhouse”, I don’t mean that Kerstin is a hyperpolyglot, appearing on numerous media outlets giving talks. Indeed, you might be figuratively scratching your head, wondering who she is and why you haven’t heard of her before.

Kerstin is one of those people you meet that is always pushing what she can do to help others in their language learning. I first discovered her when I found her blog “Fluent Language”, or simply “Fluent”. It is, at first glance, a very minimal setup, with a white background, no title image, and a simple menu. Not what you might expect from a person of her varied talents.

A little background on her first is a good place to start. Kerstin is a native German speaker, a fact you might not immediately recognize when you listen to her fluently speaking English with a British accent. I often forget that she is indeed German and not British. She has been working with languages and learning languages since she was around 10 years old, and while I wasn’t calling her a powerhouse because of the languages she has learned, she has studied several, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin. She has also earned various degrees.

Her blog has been online since 2012, and is a wonderful resource on many topics. She has a single section itself devoted to reviews of other sites, products, and courses. Other topics range from tips for easier language acquisition, product usage, events around the world, and creating language apps.

The blog is so much more than articles, though! It is a gateway to the larger world of Kerstin’s influence!

After I started reading her blog, I was excited to see she also had a podcast. Now, I rarely take the time to listen to podcasts, mainly because I have always been more intrigued by finding live radio stations online. The idea of listening to something pre-recorded online never really appealed to me, but there was something about Kerstin’s writings that made me long to hear more. So, I tuned in.

That voice! Kerstin has this wonderfully emotive voice that makes you feel like she was born to be a marvelous host of just about anything. She speaks with such fluidity and confidence that you can easily listen to her for hours. Which is great, since she has many hours of fantastic interviews with other influential figures in the language community, along with discussions on some terrific topics you might have never have even thought about before.

One of the first shows I listened to was “Hip Hop, Rap and Repetition with Fluency MC”, which was an entertaining and enlightening look at the way rap can be applied to help learn languages. In a more recent show, she teamed up with Lindsay Dow, of “Lindsay Does Languages” to record a live broadcast in celebration of the European Day of Languages, which included these two very talented women discussing music and aspects of being British. Lindsay, an accomplished blogger and video star herself, is now a regular on the show.

Kerstin’s show, “The Creative Language Learning Podcast”, is available for free on iTunes and Sticher. It is an absolute joy to listen to, and I strongly suggest you tune into it the first chance you get!

A big part of what makes Kerstin’s blog and podcast so useful is her own experience working as a teacher online. She understands not only the many aspects of learning a language but also the specific difficulties and joys of teaching a language to someone else.

When she isn’t blogging or recording, she also works with fellow online teachers and small business owners, helping them improve their own blogs, newsletters and websites.

Moving beyond her blog, podcast, and teaching, Kerstin has expanded her brand into videos, courses, and books. Perhaps inspired (or pushed) by Lindsay, Kerstin has created a few videos for YouTube in which she answers some questions about herself and teaches some basic German.

Where you can really see her, literally, is in one of her video courses, such as “Speak German Like a Native”, “French Grammar for Beginners”, or “The Ultimate Guide to German for Beginners”. All her courses can be found in the Fluent Language Tuition.

These video courses are an exceptional value for their low cost, covering many aspects of French and German. Look for a complete review of “Speak German Like a Native” in the upcoming issue #19 of Parrot Time.

Speaking of Parrot Time, I did a complete review of one of Kerstin’s books “Fluency Made Achievable” in issue #16. While I did a review of the ebook version, which can purchased for the Kindle via, I loved it so much that I bought the printed version. This book is chock full of invaluable information for people learning a language for the first time or experienced learners who want to pick up some new ideas as well as refine their current study methods.

She has another book, “The Vocab Cookbook”, available as a standalone book or part of a bundle of both books which includes extra materials for learning.

To find all her courses and books, I direct you to that deceivingly simple menu at the top of her blog, under the Shop tab.

So, to recap: Kerstin runs a blog and podcast while also teaching and assisting others. On top of that, she has produced video courses for French and German as well as written books on language learning as a whole. As if that wasn’t enough, she got married this past year, thus the change in her name. She knows how to keep busy!

But that still isn’t all. Kerstin has Facebook pages for her blog as well as her newly created “Fluent Teaching HQ”. The HQ is her expansion of mixing education and entrepreneurship, in which she helps others with online teacher marketing, coaching, brand development, and online course design & marketing. She also offers a course in branding, called the Savvy Brand Academy, and it can all be accessed (of course) through that menu back on her awesome blog site, or here.

Finally, an example of her own entrepreneurship is that her courses are also tied into an affiliate program. This allows for other language bloggers to make money for themselves by promoting her products. If someone enrols in a course through another blog, the owner gets a commission from the cost. I am one who has enrolled in the program and have made money from them, but for the writing of this article, I have included no such affiliate links in anything I’ve talked about.

I truly cannot say enough about all that Kerstin does and how she has not only inspired me but also helped so many others, probably in more ways that I am not yet even aware of yet.

Please spend some time exploring the expanding world which Kerstin has developed and enjoy all her writings and work which she has made to help build our language community a much better place to be.

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