fluencybookFluency Made Achievable by Kerstin Hammes is a short book, with only around 70 pages in the printed format, but don’t let the size fool you. This book is a powerhouse of great information for people learning a language for the first time or experienced learners who want to pick up some new ideas as well as refine their current study methods.

So let us begin right there, at the kind of content. Fluency Made Achievable is not going to waste your time by of spoon feeding you concepts and using cute attempts at trying to be your friend, which is what so many modern self-help books seem to do when they have no real message. Kerstin presents her material in a straight forward manner which is easy to understand while also being very useful.

This book is also not going to try to give you “secret methods” or learning shortcuts which too often form the basis of many language learning aides. She isn’t promising you fluency within a fixed time as long as you adhere to a magical formula she has developed. She does provide a three-week structure, however, which you can tailor to meet your learning needs.

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