Scriveremo Publishing siteWow. I can’t believe it has been over a year since I last posted here in the blog.

Basic rule of blogging is you should post regularly and often, and people normally blog about things they are thinking or the stuff happening around them. That works great unless those things overwhelm you in one or more capacity.

They past year has been truly tumultuous for me, only building on personal losses and issues of the previous year. But I glad to say that I am (finally!) getting back into a groove of energy and motivation.

Among all the changes, which I will explain over the next several posts, is the progress of my multilingual books. As you may know, I started publishing multilingual word searches about two years ago, based on earlier work I did. After making those, I made some word scramble, word quizzes, and finally mixed activities books, combining all three puzzle types.

After that, I wanted to create some basic books, aimed more at beginners and kids, and so I designed the “Beginner Word Search” line of books in several languages, and these became my best selling items. Another change was that while I sold the previous books under the “Parleremo” banner, these books bore the “LangSearch” name.

But I wasn’t done. Still liking the combination puzzle books, I started a series of books which were smaller in dimensions with searches, scrambles, and quizzes in many languages, giving them the name “Pocket Puzzles”. These also became popular.

So why I am I telling you all this. Well, in all honesty, to make you aware that there are multilingual puzzle books available on Amazon and other outlets to help you study, and mine aren’t the only ones.

I also wanted to keep you up-to-date with what is happening with the Scriveremo Publishing section of my little empire. With these books, the magazine Parrot Time, and a few others books, it seems to be growing into a sizable project. The site was recently completely overhauled for a more modern look and responsive attitude.

Finally, I wanted to (hopefully) make you aware of just how easy it is to make books nowadays, in case you wished to publish your own line of language (or other genre) resources. All these books were created through the CreateSpace platform, which is part of Amazon, and at almost no cost to me.

If you would like to check out the new Scriveremo Publishing website, you can find it here: . Please feel free to leave comments about it below, or any questions regarding the books or how to create your own, and I will be glad to answer.